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VIP Membership

Discussion in 'Forum Rules, FAQ's and Guidelines' started by seoadmin, Sep 20, 2017.

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  1. seoadmin

    seoadmin Administrator
    Staff Member

    Sep 17, 2017
    Likes Received:
    If you want to get full featured membership here at Seo Swing ... you can have it for just 5$ LIFETIME!
    Once you pay us 5$, you'll become VIP Member.

    This offer (Lifetime VIP membership), will be active until October 31st. 2017.

    After that it'll cost still 5$, but only for 6 Months.

    Since we are new Marketplace, we want to show by this offer how much anyone who help us grow this Marketplace/Community will be treated as the most valuable Contributor!

    VIP Membership Permissions:

    Profile Cover:

    - Use profile cover: YES


    - View node: YES
    - View member lists: YES
    - View member profiles: YES
    - Search: YES
    - Create new content tag: YES
    - Bypass user content tag limit: YES
    - Edit profile: YES
    - Edit custom title: YES
    - Require two-step verification: YES
    - Follow message moderation rules: NO
    - Bypass flood check: YES
    - Bypass spam check: NO
    - Report content: YES
    - View IP addresses: YES


    - View threads by others: YES
    - View thread content: YES
    - Like posts: YES
    - Post new thread: YES
    - Post replies: YES
    - Delete post by self:
    - Edit post by self: YES
    - Edit thread title by self: YES
    - Delete thread by self: YES
    - View attachments to posts: YES
    - Upload attachments to posts: YES
    - Tag thread by self: YES
    - thread by anyone: YES
    - Manage tags by others in own thread: YES
    - Vote on polls: YES


    - Upload an avatar: YES


    - Start conversations: YES
    - Receive new conversations: YES
    - Upload attachments to conversations: YES
    - Edit own messages: YES


    - Signature: YES
    - Allow basic text formatting (bold, italic, etc): YES
    - Allow extended text formatting (color, font, size): YES
    - Allow alignment changes: YES
    - Allow lists: YES
    - Allow links: YES | Maximum links: 3
    - Allow images: YES | Maximum images: 2
    - Allow embedded media: YES
    - Allow block tags (code, quote, etc): YES


    - View profile posts: YES
    - Like profile posts: YES
    - Manage profile posts on own profile: YES
    - Post new profile posts: YES
    - Comment on profile posts: YES
    - Delete profile posts by self: YES
    - Edit profile posts by self: YES


    - Can Collapse Sidebar: YES
    - Can Use AD Styler Swatches: YES

    Get VIP Membership
    #1 seoadmin, Sep 20, 2017
    Last edited: Sep 23, 2017
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